Steve Maricle - Kamloops Fishing

Your Guide


  My first memories of fish were of trout taking berries off the surface of a lake, and since that early interest in fishing my passion was transformed into a 33 year career working with the Provincial Fish & Wildlife Branch and countless days searching the waters of the Thompson River valley. I had the good fortune of both working and fishing with Brian Chan throughout my career, as he mentored me both professionally and on our shared angling passions. These experiences have allowed me to develop the understanding and techniques required to provide other anglers with a high quality experiences on some of the best trout fishing lakes in the world.  Brian and I now work closely together to offer quality angling opportunities that we can share with you.  

  Based out of Kamloops a typical trip would see drive times to, the lakes of  generally less than an hour. Kamloops has a wide variety of accommodation including motels, hotels, B&B and RV Parks. For more information on Kamloops and what it has to offer please refer to Tourism Kamloops.   

The Experience


I offer a high quality fly fishing experience from a 17’ G3 pram. This fishing platform is extremely stable, easy to get in and out of, and contains comfortable plush seating.  From an anchored position we will be presenting flies with both floating and full sinking fly lines.  

Clients can let me know their angling experience, equipment and personal needs, and their goals for the day so I can design an outing that will meet or exceed their expectations. Appropriate personal clothing should be brought as varying weather conditions can be experienced including rain, wind and cool temperature. Snacks and water will be provided, and lunch is available upon requested for a nominal fee. 

Personal flotation devices will be provided, and by law, there is a strict “no alcohol or drug use” while out on the water.  



If you are looking for a memorable fly fishing experience, and want a better understanding of the science behind our fishing tactics as well as  the management that shapes British Columbia’s spectacular small lake fisheries, then the experience I offer will meet your needs.  

Contact me today and let’s go fishing!   

Professional Overview


 My work with fisheries began in 1984, where I worked primarily on Thompson steelhead and inland rivers. Through this work I gained and excellent understanding of 3 major Thompson steelhead spawning watershed (Nicola, Deadman & Bonaparte), as well as addressing commercial interception issues up and down the west coast and the lower Fraser River. During my 15 years of working with Thompson steelhead, I was responsible for the reduction of incidental steelhead harvest in critical migration areas such as Johnston Strait and Nitinat. I was also responsible for the installation of the first two permanent electronic fish counting stations in North America that removed the necessity to physically trap and handle each steelhead, and the development of the Nicola steelhead escapement estimates utilizing radio telemetry and spaghetti tags. 


 During this period I also worked closely with Brian Chan on countless small lake projects that were aimed at creating the high quality trout fisheries that now exist in the Thompson Region. In 2003, I took on the role as the Small Lakes Biologist for the region, and in 2007 I became the Senior Biologist for the region. During this period I completed a number of positive measures which included numerous Water Conservation projects (Tunkwa, Peter Hope, Edith, Jacko, Duffy, McConnell & Dairy) that for the first time licensed water storage for conservation. I was also responsible for the eradication of the invasive spiny-ray species (yellow perch, sunfish, smallmouth & largemouth bass) from 12 headwater lakes of the Thompson drainage.     


 My approach to fly fishing small lakes has been greatly enhanced throughout my career via an in-depth understanding of trout behaviour and the ecology of the invertebrate communities that they feed on. Understanding the seasonal movement trends of trout and the natural progression of the various invertebrate development and hatches is a critical part of maintaining consistent success as the seasons change. Another key to my angling success is the detailed maintenance of catch success and failures throughout the decades of angling on small lakes, and reviewing these records regularly to better the likelihood of targeting the right lake, at the right time, with the appropriate methods. All of this knowledge obtained over decades of professional and personal experiences will allow me to provide you with a high quality angling experience.